Our Vision: To create an exclusive niche market

The Swiss-Lebanese designer, Marc Chatila has worked on a variety of design projects including high jewelry, watch masterpieces, furniture, interior spaces and more. He transposes his unlimited passion for the Swiss watchmaking heritage to his new achievements.

As there is no place more comfortable and reassuring than “home”, the designer wants to offer his expertise in tailor-made products for the comfort of all travelers with a unique Room Management Service, commonly named « thermostat ».

At Luxtech Geneva, our vision is to offer the first tailor-made room management service for the luxury hospitality industry, private jets, cruise ships, shopping malls, that is intuitive to use and beautiful to look at:

Home “Your Private Concierge”

With Home, the room management service is a jewel of luxury and refinement. Home wants to replace the boring wall fixture with a fun and intuitive device for all – from 7 to 77 years. Simplicity is the DNA of Home.

“A contemporary celebration of simplicity and the eternal elegance in the tradition of watch masterpieces “

Marc Chatila


Our expertise in making reliable and easy-to-use device

Home© is the first luxury and tailor-made room management service designed to create value for nhoteliers. This market is a niche market, created by Luxtech Geneva. None of the major retail thermostat competitors such as Honeywell, Siemens or Schneider have filled this segment.

After a long journey, there is nothing worse than wasting time adjusting the thermostat. Get the temperature just right in the most easiest way and reconcile hotel guest with thermostats are our mottos.

Overall, this is a simple system to use, considering all it is capable of doing. Using the main thermostat or mobile app, the guest can adjust pre-programmed temperatures and specific times of day. This way, his bedroom will be just the right temperature when he returns from a long day of work. Home has many useful features, such as weather information, humidity indicator, concierge services, worlwide weather forecasts. Its onscreen display and mobile app have identical controls, which makes it intuitive and easy to use.

The watch-making inheritance in the service of the room management service. A thermostat able to adapt its features to local specificities.

Marc Chatila focuses particularly on the aesthetics of his thermostats models with varied and always refined styles that match all types of decoration perfectly.

The frame of the device must reflect the excellence of the technology inside. It must be perfectly functional. This is why we place such great importance upon elegant forms, noble materials, and the perfection of finishes and decorative techniques.

The Swiss Made Label: Our Quest for Perfection

With Home, Marc Chatila wants to introduce a sparkling touch of home in any luxurious interior; hotels, private jets, cruise ships, luxury shopping malls. The designer brings together functionality and aesthetics, using the quality of the traditional Swiss know-how.

The Swiss-made label, highlighting the Swiss provenance of our device, is a guarantee of quality, precision and aesthetic prowess.

Out of a desire for authenticity, the frame, glass and packaging are made exclusively in Switzerland by expert craftsmen, resulting in an exceptional finesse in its detail. The finishing decorative touches are almost all done by hand. As Marc Chatila liked to point out “luxury is in the details”.

Quality materials

Home© is an ambitious brand that aims to revolutionise the standards of thermostats by offering tailor-made thermostat. A perfect service, a highly qualitative product are what make Home© stands out.

Choose amongst a wide and unlimited range of precious metals. They guarantee the long service life of the products and offer impeccable aesthetics.

In order to ensure every part of the thermostat upholds our rigour, we work with the best Swiss artisans, craftsmen, suppliers and manufacturers on every feature and process, ensuring longevity for every piece.

Devices are polished, brushed or sanded, dipped in baths, dried and then varnished according to the desired decor. The brand offers an unlimited choice of finishes in hot, cold or special colors.

Each device is manufactured by talented craftsmen carrying on excellence expertise and represents a luxury and a creativity worth of high jewelry.