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The Major projects of Marc Chatila in Geneva

Investments The younger brother of Abdallah Chatila, Marc, he is expanding his activities in the Geneva Canton.

Photo:Marc Chatila in his Geneva apartment. He employs 380 in the world.

Marc Chatila has his “pied-à-terre” in Maison Royal, quai Gustave-Adore, Geneva. The building is beautiful, the elevator is traditional, with a wooden bench. The apartment isvast with a view of the lake and, especially, works of contemporary art. With his shaved head, five-day beard, sunglasses, jeans, shirt and blue leather jacket, the businessman looks terribly like his brother Abdallah, who made a name for himself in the township by making fortune in real estate and jewelry.

Both are major investors and they are at the head, each, of a conglomerate of different holdings. With a fortune valued at several hundred million francs, the Chatila family is among the richest in Switzerland.

“Create a brigade”

Marc focuses is investments in energy, technology and watchmaking. He is based in Brussels but his major projects are in Leman Lake area: “I want to centralize my activities in Geneva because there are quality banks and I can find a skilled workforce,” he says.

The investor, who went to school in the canton, recently bought a company, Creatorz Holding, which he had moved into offices of 200 m2 on the Quai du Mont-Blanc. The office is in modernization so they will be operational before the end of the year.

“I am looking to recruit a brigade of forty people in Geneva, engineers to salespeople. This base will serve as a lever for business, “he slips. “My flair has always pushed me to surround myself with competent people with me in the role of conductor.” The presence of CERN, EPFL and Campus Biotech plays a vital role.

Marc Chatila Holding has 380 employees spread across Fifth Avenue in New York, Côte d’Azur, Paris, Zug, Russia, Eastern Europe and soon Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The structure says it has already invested $ 120 million in Europe and the United States.

From Serbia to Dubai

Following the advice of his father, the famous jeweler Elie Chatila, he first started in gems and then in luxury real estate along the Mediterranean.

A large part of the companies financed by the holding are now in Serbia. They specialize in home automation and renewable energies. Intelligent power management software is about to be commercialized. Potential customers in Switzerland include Swisscom or Sunrise, firms active in these niches.

In Romania and Hungary, the group is involved in projects for biomass generators and solar panels. According to Marc Chatila “renewable and optimized energy is the future,”. The “Business Angel” will also launch a Facebook page in November to facilitate contact with start-ups in need of funds.

Marc Chatila relies on new technologies without complaining about the values of the past. According to him, the Swiss houses specialized in luxury watchmaking should not engage in electronic watches but on the contrary bet more on traditional mechanics. “Swatch has made luxury watches stand out even more. The scenario will be repeated with iWatch”.

The man, who has regrouped his business in the clouds, has “a smartphone as an office”. To travel, it is convenient: the one who says to be in Geneva every 15-20 days, will be this week in Bombay, “to sell gems”.

The Chatila, regardless of their activities, never give up their historic core business (TDG).

Bio Express

1975 Born in Lebanon
1988 The Family settles in Geneva
1999 Companies incorporation with his brother Abdalla
2006 Setting up a company in Dubai, precious stones
2010 Investment in energy companies
2012 Opening an Office in Serbia
2012 Opening representative offices in Geneva of Creatorz Holding, Adamas Capital and Marc Chatila Holding
2018 Incorporation of LuxTech Geneva S.A.